After the death of my grandfather my family discovered a box full of nude images of Prague's sculptures. My Grandfather lived half of his life in the States and was working as a photographer for men's magazines. After his return to Prague he apparently devoted part of his focus to shooting naked sculptures all around Prague. We were not able to discover his purpose but there were signs that he planned to publish a book. I have decided that I will finish this job for him. Currently I am preparing the layout and concept of the publication. Each site inside the book has a composition of a magazine cover. It demonstrates all the cliches from the times when men's magazines were in their best shape. There is a focus on the naked part of the sculpture accompanied with the woman's name and an erotic adjective. It remains a mystery why my grandfather was making these images, but he did point out one thing. Isn't it weird how all these sculptures in the streets reflect and display the obsession with a naked body, but at the same time they remain immune from erotic criticism?

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